Characteristics and operation methods of foam pigs


      The foam pig is an important equipment in the cleaning of oil pipelines and is highly popular among pipeline cleaners. Today, the editor will talk about the characteristics and operation methods of the foam pig, and I hope to help everyone. The characteristics and operation methods of the foam pig are described below.

  Foam pig features

  1. The cleaning effect is good: the polyurethane foam pig can be tightly combined with the pipe wall in the deformation, which can clean the dead angle of the pipe well; the polyurethane foam pipe cleaner and the inner wall of the pipe have a large sealing area, and all the straight sections are all The pipe wall is tightly combined to completely remove the dirt on the pipe wall; multi-layer cleaning is adopted, and the multi-layer cleaning means that the cleaning agent is filled between the two polyurethane foam balls, which makes the cleaning process simpler and saves the construction cost of the pipeline cleaning operation.

  2. Wide adaptability: According to the design requirements of long-distance pipelines, there will be valves, tees and elbows in the pipeline. At the same time, such components meet the design requirements, sometimes different from the wall thickness of the pipeline, and the bending radius of the pipeline elbow is insufficient. For other reasons, the internal diameter of the pipe changes, there will be certain risks with the conventional pipe cleaner. Because of its elasticity and compressibility, the polyurethane foam pig can smoothly pass through such pipes without jamming, and at the same time according to the pipeline requirements. Customize a variety of diameters and structural forms.

  3. The supporting equipment is not high in requirements and easy to operate: when the mechanical pig does not receive or serve the device, it is difficult to receive and serve the ball, and it is necessary to do safety protection when the ball is used. It needs to be completed by the on-site construction personnel; polyurethane The foaming pig has the advantages of elastic deformation ability, can adapt to various complicated working conditions, and has the advantages of low construction cost, less input personnel and high economic benefit.

  4. Long running distance: Polyurethane foam pig has good wear resistance, and there are deformation layers and different diameters in the pipe. The polyurethane foam pig can elastically deform and pass without jamming and damage.

  5. Green and environmental protection, no pollution to the environment: Polyurethane foam pipe cleaner production process does not produce pollutants, can be reused; no damage to the pipeline during the construction process, the entire cleaning and cleaning process to achieve non-destructive operations.

       foam pigs

  Foam pig operation method

  1. Check that the pig is in good condition, the surface is clean and non-staining, and the electronic detector is installed correctly;

  2. The ball and the receiving cylinder are in the working and receiving state, and the relevant valve switch position is correct. The pressure gauge and the pass indicator are installed correctly;

  3. Open the tee tube, load the foam pig from the ball barrel, close the ball barrel, and start the air compressor to press the compressed air into the ball barrel through the connecting line to drive the foam pig to walk. When the foam pig passes through the end After the station passes the ball indicator, immediately inform the first station that the air compressor is stopped, and close the valve before the ball receiving cylinder. First, vent the ball and then open the ball collecting cylinder to remove the debris and take the ball out.

  The above is about the characteristics and operation methods of the foam pig. I hope that everyone can understand the characteristics and operation methods of the foam pig.

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