Conditions required for pipe cleaning and method of operating foamed pigs


  Pipe cleaning should be based on the drop and corrosion degree of the pipe. Straight plate or cup type pigs can be used. When the pipe pig pig is used for the first time, straight bar type pigs should be used. The pigs should carry aluminum calipers and electronics. Track the device to detect the degree of pipe deformation and track the operation of the pig. So what are the conditions for the pipeline to be cleaned up? How to operate the foam pig? Next, the editor will talk about the conditions required for the whole process of cleaning the pipeline and the method of brushing the foam pig.

  Conditions required for pipeline cleaning

  1. Pipeline section pressure test has been completed.

  2. After the inspection pipelines are all connected, the ball valve and bypass pipelines, pipe fittings, ball-passing indicators, and induction parts are all installed. The equal-diameter tee needs to be installed.

  3. The whole line cut-off valve and bypass valve are flexible, the full-line shut-off valve is in the fully open position, and the bypass valve is in the fully closed position.

  4. The ball sweeping line uses compressed air to push the pig. The displacement and pressure of the air compressor need to be selected according to the pipe diameter and design pressure. If the pipe is blocked, the pushing pressure can be gradually increased, but the maximum pushing pressure should not be greater than the working pressure.


foamed pigs

  The method of brushing the foam pig is as follows:

  1, check to confirm that the brush foam pig is intact, the surface is clean and non-staining, and the electronic detection locator is installed correctly;

  2, the ball and the receiving cylinder are in the working state, and the relevant valve switch position is correct. The pressure gauge and the pass indicator are installed correctly;

  3, open the tee tube, the brush foam pig is loaded from the ball barrel, close the ball barrel, start the air compressor to press the compressed air into the ball barrel through the connecting line, drive the brush foam pig to walk, when the brush foam pig passes the last station pass Immediately after the indicator, notify the first station air compressor to stop, and close the front of the ball receiving cylinder, first vent and then open the ball collecting cylinder to remove debris and take the ball out.

  The above is about the conditions required for pipeline cleaning and the operation method of brushing foam pigs. I hope everyone can understand the conditions required for pipeline cleaning and the operation methods of brushing pigs.

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