Corrosion probe's maintenance method


   The corrosion probe is a kind of testing equipment for detecting the corrosion degree of the pipeline, which plays a very important role in the maintenance and repair of the pipeline. In order to improve the efficiency and longevity of the corrosion probe, it is necessary to maintain the equipment on a regular basis. Today, the editor will explain the maintenance method of the corrosion probe for everyone, and I hope to help everyone. The details are as follows.

      1. Precautions during measurement: When measuring, only when the coupling icon appears and is stable, it is a good measurement; if there is a large amount of coupling agent on the surface of the measured object, when the probe of the corrosion probe leaves the surface of the measured object, the coupling agent Can cause misdetection. Therefore, at the end of the measurement, the probe of the corrosion probe should be quickly removed from the surface of the object to be measured.

  The surface of the probe that corrodes the probe is acrylic resin, which is sensitive to the redrawing of rough surfaces, so it should be lightly pressed during use. When measuring rough surfaces, minimize the scratching of the probe of the corrosion probe on the work surface. When measuring at room temperature, the surface of the object to be tested should not exceed 60 ° C, otherwise the probe can no longer be used. If the probe is worn, the measurement will be unstable and the probe should be replaced.

  2. Cleaning of the standard test block. Since the etchant probe is calibrated using a standard test block, a couplant should be applied, so please pay attention to the rust prevention of the test block. Wipe the standard test block clean after use. Do not get sweat when the temperature is high. If it is not used for a long time, it should be coated with a little grease on the surface of the random test block to prevent rust. When it is used again, wipe the grease and clean it, then it can work normally.


  3. Power check. When the battery capacity is nearly exhausted or used up, the battery should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the measurement accuracy. When the corrosion probe instrument is not used for a long time, the battery should be taken out to prevent the battery from leaking.

  Note: Positive and negative polarity when the battery is installed! Reverse polarity may cause damage to the corrosion probe instrument!

  4. General precautions: Avoid corrosion of the probe instrument and the probe are subject to strong vibration; Avoid placing the instrument in an excessively humid environment; when inserting and removing the corrosion probe probe, pinch the movable casing along the axis and do not rotate the probe to avoid Damage the probe cable core. 

  5. Corrosion probe instrument maintenance. When the corrosion probe instrument is abnormal (such as instrument damage, can not be measured; LCD display is not normal; normal use, the error is too large; keyboard operation is faulty or chaotic, etc.), please do not disassemble or adjust the zero of any fixed assembly. Parts, please fill in the warranty card and hand it over to the maintenance department for repair.

  6. Clean the case. Alcohol, diluent, etc. have a corrosive effect on the casing, especially the window, so when cleaning, gently wipe with a small amount of water.

  The above is about the maintenance method of the corrosion probe. I hope everyone can understand the maintenance method of the corrosion probe and it will help everyone.

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