Foam pig performance characteristics and usage precautions


     Foam pigs are an important cleaning device in pipeline cleaning equipment. It plays a very important role in pipeline cleaning. Today, the editor will talk about the performance characteristics and precautions of the foam pigs, and I hope to help everyone. The details are as follows.

  Foam pig performance characteristics

  The foam pig is made of polyurethane material coated on the outside of the foam core. It has wide application, large deformation, and is not easy to be stuck in the pipeline. It can remove the thick and hard scale of the pipeline, and is mainly used for regular water removal of the gas pipeline; the pipeline is put into operation. Before, the pigging line is cleaned; the oil and gas pipelines are regularly scraped and used for experimental pass-through when the inside of the pipeline is unknown. A coated wire brush can be added to the exterior of the coated foam pig to increase its scavenging ability, and a partial coating can be applied.

  Foam pig is a multi-purpose pig. It has been widely used in the drying, sealing and cleaning of various pipelines (water, gas, oil, chemical reagents, etc.).

  The foam pig can be tightly combined with the pipe wall in the deformation, which can clean the dead angle of the pipe well; the foam pig has a large sealing contact area with the inner wall of the pipe, and all the straight sections are closely combined with the pipe wall to completely remove the dirt on the pipe wall; Layer cleaning method, multi-layer cleaning refers to filling the cleaning agent between two polyurethane foam balls, which makes the cleaning process simpler and saves the construction cost of pipeline cleaning operations.

  The foam pig does not produce pollutants during the working process and can be reused; no damage is caused to the pipeline during the construction process, and the entire cleaning and cleaning process is achieved without loss.


Foam pig

  Foam pig use precautions

  First, first clear the transmitter, receiver, and indicator by frequency matching (adjust the gain) to reach the receiving distance (about 25 meters in the air), but the gain should not be too large, so as to avoid self-excited oscillation (which will form False signal).

  Non-workers are not allowed to enter the job site during pigging operations.

  Foam pig operators must operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures when operating the equipment.

  When discharging sewage, within 100 meters around the sewage pool (150 meters down the wind), the fire source should be eliminated, and a warning line should be set up. Personnel and equipment should be kept away from the sewage pool.

  When collecting, serving and discharging, fire-fighting equipment should be prepared to prevent accidents.

  When using the wet method to collect the ball, the iron sulfide is strictly prevented from occurring, and spontaneous combustion occurs.

  Operators must perform their duties, be loyal to their duties, and must not exceed their authority.

  The above is about the performance characteristics of the foam pigs and the introduction of the use of the precautions. I hope that everyone can understand the performance characteristics of the foam pigs and the precautions for use.

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