Foam pig steel brush before use and maintenance precautions


      The foam pig steel brush is an important accessory on the foam pig. During the operation of the foam pig, the steel brush can remove the dirt on the pipeline and complete the pipeline cleaning work. Today, Xiaobian talks about the matters needing attention and maintenance methods before using the foam pig steel brush. I hope to help everyone.

  Precautions before use of foam pig steel brush

  When people use foam pig steel brush, sometimes they will find such problems or problems, so they have doubts about the quality of the products. In fact, as long as the manufacturer and the manufacturer pay attention to the following points, then the foam can be well eliminated. There is a possibility of problems with the pig steel brush.

  1. First of all, the foam pig steel brush must be cleaned and packaged before leaving the factory. Because there will be a lot of broken steel wool during the process of planting hair and flat hair, it is necessary to comb the brush before packaging and to crush The steel wool is cleaned up.

  2. In the process of transportation from the manufacturer to the manufacturer, in order to prevent the contamination of the brush wire by debris and dust, it is necessary to use packaging materials such as packaging boxes and packaging bags to prevent the occurrence of damaged foam steel brush. 

  3. Be careful not to expose the brush directly (without any packaging) before placing it on the ground or in other polluted environments.

  4. Put a cushion on the shaft head of the foam pig steel brush to keep the brush wire upright and clean.


Foam pig steel brush

  Foam pig steel brush maintenance precautions

  1. Do not clean the wool when cleaning the foam pig steel brush.

  2. After cleaning, gently press the tissue with a tissue or cotton pad to let the water drain, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise the bristles will be destroyed and the structure of the bristles will be loose, resulting in hair loss.

  3. After cleaning, the steel brush can be hung up and the bristles can be dried downwards.

  4. to be naturally dry, can not be blown dry with a hair dryer, not to be placed under the sun to dry, otherwise it may hurt the steel brush material.

  5. foam pig steel brush because the material is relatively hard, can not be used with nylon wire when cleaning, it is easy to hurt the items being cleaned, so the destruction of the article does not achieve the desired effect.

  The above is about the use of foam pig steel brush before use and maintenance precautions, I hope you understand the foam pig steel brush before use and maintenance considerations, it is helpful for everyone to use and maintain foam pig steel brush.

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