Foam pig type and cleaning process


      What are the types of foam pigs? What is the foam pig cleaning process? Let's take a look at the types of foam pigs and the cleaning process. I hope to help everyone.

  Foam pig species

  There are two types of conventional foam pigs: one is formed by molding a polyurethane material, and the other is processed by a sponge product.

  The advantage of polyurethane foam pig is that the mold has precise dimensions, good wear resistance and long effective running distance; however, there are also problems that require more molds, high production cost and high raw material price.

  Polyurethane foam pigs have good wear resistance, and there are deformation layers and different diameters in the pipes. Polyurethane foam pigs can be elastically deformed without jamming and damage.

  The advantages of the sponge product are simple processing, relatively low price, good water absorption performance; the disadvantage is that it is easy to be broken and the effective running distance is short.


Foam pig

  Foam pig cleaning process

  First, check the pipe cleaning object

  Before using the foam pig to clean the pipeline, first understand the pipeline distribution and understand the years of use, use conditions, blockage conditions, burying and revealing any damage to the building. Before unblocking, pay attention to the raw materials. In addition to cast iron and ceramics, there are some raw materials in the system, such as equipment and pipes with structural materials such as cement.

  Second, segment cleaning

  In order to facilitate pipeline cleaning, it is generally divided into several small cleaning sections. The method of segmentation mainly depends on the volume of the pipeline, the level of the floor, the convenience of cleaning, and the possibility of segmentation. Generally, it is better to use three or four floors in one unit.

  Finally, test

  After the pipeline is cleaned, check it to see if the pipeline is clean, clean, and reach the customer's request.

  The above is about the types of foam pigs and the cleaning process. I hope everyone can understand the types of foam pigs and the cleaning process.

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