Magnetic Disc Brush pigging preparation and cleaning steps


The Magnetic Disc Brush pigging has good sealing performance and excellent performance characteristics. It is a Magnetic Disc Brush pigging that is well received by consumers in the market. Today, Xiaobian introduces the preparation and cleaning steps that the Magnetic Disc Brush pigging needs to do before cleaning. I hope it will help everyone. The details are as follows.

  Preparation before the magnetic disc brush pigging is cleaned up

  1. According to the pipeline specifications, the thickness and sturdiness of the dirt and the requirements of the cleaning process, select the type of Magnetic Disc Brush pigging and the size of the Magnetic Disc Brush pigging (note that there is room for some).

  2. Preparation of construction equipment. Including Magnetic Disc Brush pigging launcher, receiving device, pipeline detector, Magnetic Disc Brush pigging tracker, electronic positioning monitor, device for powering the magnetic disc brush pigging (such as air compressor, pump truck, etc.) , instruments, vehicles, electric welding, bucket pumps, dirt trucks, single bucket communication tools and other tools needed for on-site construction.

  3. Reasonably select the transmitting end and the receiving end at both ends of the pipe to be cleaned. The basic principle is that the water source, power source and receiving end should have the sewage discharge conditions at the transmitting end, and the transmitting end and the receiving end should have sufficient operation construction sites, and facilitate the construction equipment and vehicles to enter and exit. When conditions permit, the emitter should be located at the higher end of the pipe or at the end of the liquid flow.

  4. Public works conditions. The amount of water, power, and gas used in the cleaning site is used and the time of use.

  5. Excavate the operation pit and the sewage pit, determine the sewage discharge location and discharge mode, and determine the discharge location of the dirt.

  6. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of PIG cleaning, try to choose a reasonable pipeline modification plan to reduce the pipeline construction workload.

  7. In some pipelines with long distances, large calibers or thick scales, consider installing some drain valves in the proper position of the pipeline. The cleaned scale is discharged a part, and after the magnetic disc brush pigging passes, the valve is closed.

       Magnetic Disc Brush pigging

  magnetic disc brush pigging cleaning step

  1. cleaning series division

  According to the complexity of the pipeline to be cleaned, the requirements of the on-site environmental conditions and the cleaning technology of the magnetic disc brush pigging, the cleaning system is divided into several sections for easy cleaning in the case of consensus with Party A.

  2. Installing the Magnetic Disc Brush pigging launcher and receiving device

  (1) Isolation of the system unrelated to cleaning under permitted conditions, and properly handle the vicinity of the piping system (such as valves, flow meters, pressure gauges, thermometers, etc.) to ensure that the magnetic disc brush pigging can be specified during the cleaning process. The route runs.

  (2) Install the transmitting device and the receiving device at both ends of the divided pipe sections, and prepare the sewage and dirt discharge equipment at the same time.

  (3) Determine whether to carry out pipeline pressure test according to actual conditions and needs. If pressure test is required, the highest pressure that may be generated during cleaning shall be the test pressure, and the pressure test medium shall be water or gas (selected according to the push medium).

  (4) In-pipe investigation to investigate the specific situation of foreign matter and scale in the pipeline. According to the scale layer data provided by Party A and the fouling observed at the transmitting end and the receiving end, the scale in the tube is judged. After the Magnetic Disc Brush pigging is recovered at the receiving end, the shape and damage degree of the Magnetic Disc Brush pigging are analyzed and further determined to determine the fouling inside the pipe.

  (5) cleaning

  1. According to the results of the investigation in the tube, it is determined that the size of the magnetic disc brush pigging is sequentially emitted, and is emitted from small to large, and the cleaning end point is determined according to the dirt situation of each cleaning. You can determine if you want to use the electronic positioning disk to brush the pig.

  2. The specific problems involved in the specific cleaning object should explain the treatment method. At the same time, it is necessary to predict possible problems and take corresponding countermeasures.

  The above is about the preparation of the Magnetic Disc Brush pigging and the cleaning steps. I hope everyone can understand the preparation and cleaning steps of the Magnetic Disc Brush pigging.

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