Pipe cleaning pig card processing method and application range


   Pipeline cleaning pigs are the main equipment for oil pipeline cleaning. In the process of cleaning oil pipelines, pipeline cleaning pigs will also encounter jamming. How to deal with pipeline cleaning pigs when they encounter jamming? What areas can pipe cleaning pigs be used in? Today, this editor will talk about the treatment methods and application scope of the pipeline cleaning pig plugging card. I hope to help everyone. The details are as follows.

  Judgment and treatment method of pipe cleaning pig blockage

  Once the pipe cleaning pig blocks the card, the position of the jam can be judged according to the curve of the pressure and flow in the pipe. This is because when the pressure and flow rate are constant, the pipe cleaning pig runs at a constant speed, and the running distance is proportional to the time. When the jam occurs, the pressure changes abruptly and the flow rate decreases. At this point, a water hammer will occur in the tube, and the body and body will be recorded through pressure and injection. According to the water hammer wave transmission speed and time, the distance between the pipe cleaning pigs in the pipe can be calculated, and combined with the actual situation on the site, the jam location can be found more accurately and eliminated in time.

  The so-called jamming, often blocked pipe cleaning pigs under the increasingly large media pressure, damage deformation, making its radial cross-sectional area smaller, the driving force is correspondingly reduced, the medium from the breakage to bypass the pipe cleaning pig So that the broken pipe cleaning pigs are stuck in the blocked place in the pipe. At this point, consider feeding the special pipe to clean the pigs and then crushing the damaged pipe to further break up or wash away from the medium. In the case of forced lasting, the non-stop belt pressure opening and closing technology can be used. When the pipe is blocked, the pipe is cleaned and then sealed. Some pipeline cleaning pigs are equipped with a low-frequency electromagnetic signal transmitter, which can determine the location of the jam card on the ground tracking signal, but it will increase the difficulty and loss of the jam handling.

       Pipe cleaning pig

  Pipe cleaning pig application range

  According to the shape and material of the pipe cleaning pig, the pipe cleaning pig can be used in many industrial applications such as petroleum pigment chemistry, cosmetics (such as skin cream) foods (such as chocolate, beverages) and medicine.

  Pipeline cleaning pigs can empty pipes, such as discharging valuable products, separating different products in the same family of products, isolating products and propellants, removing deposits in the cleaning pipes, and also cutting off product flow in the valves.

  The unpackaged dry-tolerant tankers, tankers and railway tankers often run two string-type pipe cleaning pigs (that is, the product is loaded between two pipe cleaning pigs).

  The above is about the treatment method and application scope of the pipeline cleaning pig plugging card. I hope everyone can understand the pipe cleaning method and application scope of the pipe cleaning pig, which will help everyone.

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