Pipe cleaning pig clean wax process and application


    Pipeline cleaning pigs are a kind of equipment for cleaning oil pipelines. They are highly efficient in cleaning and low in cost, and are very popular among pipeline cleaning personnel. Let me talk about the process and application of pipe cleaning pig wax removal, I hope to help everyone.

  Pipe cleaning pig wax removal process

  The use of pipes to clean pig piglets is a physical method. In the process of flowing with the medium, the wax pipe cleaning pigs have a large frictional force on the inner wall of the pipe by the steel brush and the scraper, which mechanically cleans the pipe wall. Achieve good pigging effect.

  The pipeline cleaning pig is a cortical return-type piston. It can use the wax on the wall of the running pipeline to significantly increase the pipeline flow without increasing the power. It can also be used to clean up the pipeline and remove substances such as debris and water, and improve the pipeline. Reliability at the time of production. Due to the many advantages of pipe cleaning pigs, the pipeline cleaning pig technology has been paid more and more attention in the petrochemical pipeline transportation operation.


Pipe cleaning pig


  Pipe cleaning pig application

  1. Infusion isolation to reduce the contact area between crude oil or different oil products and reduce the prevention of oil mixing;


  2. Perform internal corrosion protection on the pipeline, such as applying mortar or epoxy coating.

  3. Control the liquid in the pipe, such as reducing the liquid volume in the liquid-gas mixed pipeline, the pipeline section pressure test water injection, drainage, drying and oil supply after pressure test.

  4. Special pipe cleaning pigs can be used for some special difficult-to-handle pipes, such as multi-diameter pipes, pipes with hard waxing, and special aviation oil pipes with high cleanliness.

  5. Use the record pipeline cleaning pig detector to perform defect inspection on new pipelines or running pipelines, including pipeline corrosion, cracks, open and open detection, and leak detection.

  6. Dynamic detection and management of the pipeline system.

  The above is about the process and use of pipe cleaning pig wax removal. I hope everyone can understand the process and use of pipe cleaning pig wax cleaning.

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