Pipe cleaning pig type and pig safety measures


   Pipeline cleaning pigs play an important role in the cleaning, testing, maintenance and operation of the oil and gas industry in recent decades. Pipeline cleaning pigs have different manufacturing processes and technical requirements. Therefore, there are many types of pipe cleaning pigs on the market. Understanding the functions and principles of different pipe cleaning pigs can help rational selection in practical engineering applications, reduce replacement and fail to achieve operations. Expected trouble.

  The following is a brief introduction to the technical characteristics of several types of pipe cleaning pigs to facilitate the selection of engineering applications. Pipeline cleaning pigs can be generally divided into cleaning pipes for cleaning pigs and pipes for cleaning pigs according to the use; cleaning pipes are used to clean pigs. Partly, according to the material, it is divided into two types: polyurethane and rubber:


Pipe cleaning pig

  Polyurethane pipe cleaning pigs can be divided into two categories: hard and soft: rigid polyurethane materials are mainly used for mechanical pipe cleaning pig sealing parts, which are widely used in pipe cleaning pigs commonly used in the market; soft polyurethane pipe cleaning Pigs mainly refer to polyurethane foam soft pipe cleaning pigs, which will become the main equipment for pipeline cleaning in the future due to their deformation and unblocking and excellent cleaning and wear resistance.

  Spherical rubber pipe cleaning pigs: Spherical rubber pipe cleaning pigs are a frequently used equipment in pipeline cleaning operations because of their ability to pass the elbow specific function of 1 pipe diameter. According to the function, the pigs are cleaned and cleaned according to the functions of pipeline deformation detection, pipeline damage detection, leak detection, etc.; based on the selection of different pipeline operations.

  Safety measures for pipe cleaning pig pigging operations:

  When operating the equipment, the operator must strictly follow the operating procedures. When discharging the sewage, within 100 meters (150 meters down the wind) to eliminate the fire source, and set up a warning line, personnel and equipment should be kept away from the sewage pool; When discharging sewage, fire-fighting equipment must be prepared to prevent accidents; non-workers are not allowed to enter the job site during pigging operations.


Pipe cleaning pig

  When using the wet method to collect the ball, the iron sulfide is strictly prevented from occurring, and the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion occurs; the operators must perform their duties, be loyal to their duties, and must not exceed the authority; the workers must not wear chemical fiber clothing and iron spikes to prevent static electricity and sparks from the soles. The safety personnel have the right to stop any personnel from operating in violation of regulations; the operator must strictly implement the station safety regulations; the safety personnel are responsible for measuring whether the flammable gas at the site is excessive or not, and should notify the site operator immediately if the standard exceeds the standard.

  The above is about the introduction of pipe cleaning pigs and pig safety measures. I hope everyone will understand the types of pipe cleaning pigs and the safety measures for pigging.

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