Pipeline cleaning pig application and operational precautions


     Pipeline cleaning pigs can be divided into foam pigs, disc pigs, steel brush pigs, and magnetic brush pigs, which are widely used in the cleaning industry of oil pipelines. Today, Xiaobian talks about the specific application and operation precautions of the pipeline cleaning pig, and I hope to help everyone.

  Pipe cleaning pig application

  The development trend of pipeline cleaning pigs is to meet the requirements of long-distance station spacing pigging, and the requirements for the skin bowl configuration, cup strength and transmitter quality of pipeline cleaning pigs are higher.

  The pigging valve is a new type of valve that is used as a launching or receiving device for pipe cleaning pigs (pipe cleaning, cupping pipe cleaning pigs, foam pigs, etc.). It also has the function of a universal two-way ball valve.

  According to the cleanliness, pipe diameter, system pressure and other requirements, choose the appropriate pipe to clean the pig. Single pipe cleaning pigs are different from multi-component pipe cleaning pigs. The single-tube cleaning pig is a unit of the body and the cleaning cup, while the multi-component pipe cleaning pig's central body can be equipped with a variety of different components.

  Pipeline cleaning pigs are widely used in petroleum, chemical, gas, water, printing and dyeing, food and other fields. They are special equipments necessary for construction, cleaning, maintenance, inspection and management of pipelines, using pigging valves and corresponding Pipe cleaning pigs makes it easier to clean, empty, isolate, and deliver media in sequence.

  In some cases, pigs are cleaned using a two-way moving pipe. A flat elastic disc larger than the diameter of the tube is fitted to the two-way pipe cleaning pig, which has good sealing on either side (or is also not good). The sealing of the two-way pipe cleaning pig is not as good as that of the one-way pipe cleaning pig, and there is no long-distance operation of the one-way pipe cleaning pig.

Pipeline cleaning pig

  Pipe cleaning pig operation precautions

  Firstly, the pigging transmitter, receiver, and indicator are frequency matched (adjusted gain) to reach the receiving distance (about 25 meters in the air), but the gain should not be too large, so as to avoid self-excited oscillation (a false signal will be formed). 

  The skinned pipe cleaning pig operator must operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures when operating the equipment.

  When collecting, serving and discharging, fire-fighting equipment should be prepared to prevent accidents.

  When discharging sewage, within 100 meters around the sewage pool (150 meters down the wind), the fire source should be eliminated, and a warning line should be set up. Personnel and equipment should be kept away from the sewage pool.

  Non-workers are not allowed to enter the job site during pigging operations.

  Operators must perform their duties, be loyal to their duties, and must not exceed their authority.

  When using the wet method to collect the ball, the iron sulfide is strictly prevented from occurring, and spontaneous combustion occurs.

  The above is an introduction to the application and operation of the pipeline cleaning pig. I hope that everyone can understand the application and operation precautions of the pipeline cleaning pig.

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