Spring steel brush to prevent hair loss and maintenance


   The spring steel brush is an important accessory on the pipe pig, which can make the pipe cleaner. Spring steel brush will appear after a long time of use, then how to prevent the spring steel brush hair loss? How to maintain the spring steel brush? Today, the editor for everyone to talk about spring steel brush to prevent hair loss and maintenance methods ,I hope everyone has to help. The details are as follows.

  Method for preventing spring steel brush from falling

  1. the purchase of spring steel brush to accurately explain the specifications of the steel brush that you need, inconvenient in their own use, then definitely because the bristles to withstand the excessive pressure caused by the hair loss phenomenon, for the steel brush of different industries, the brush wire The materials are different, so that some hair loss due to specifications or material problems can be prevented from the root cause.

  2. When using a spring steel brush, first comb the bristles, because there may be some residual hair after cleaning because the cleaning is not clean enough, so there may be some mixed bristles falling during use, but this situation It is generally normal and has nothing to do with the quality of the steel brush.

  3.  After using the spring steel brush for a period of time, it is necessary to carry out some maintenance work on the bristles, especially some cleaning steel brush rollers and dust strip brushes containing dirt, and the dirt adhering to the brush wire on the surface of the steel brush should be cleaned off. This can cause hair removal and short hair after the softening of the bristles, and the spring steel brush after cleaning should not be dried under strong sunlight, and dried under natural wind.

        Spring steel brush


    Spring steel brush maintenance method

  When the spring steel brush has been used for a while, if the user places the board unevenly, the outside of the brush wheel will wear into an unsuitable shape and wear a wear scar. At this time, the spring steel brush must be repaired.

  Generally, the nylon needle-shaped abrasive brush wheel and the nylon cleaning spring steel brush repair body are used to disassemble the spring steel brush and send it to the renovation. The spring steel brush can be refurbished on the brushing machine with a full brush plate.

  Install the spring steel brush exactly according to the spring steel brush end face or the steering mark on the inner hole. When the spring steel brush is mounted on the brushing machine, the brush surface must be level.

  Install the spring steel brush as required by the equipment manufacturer and follow the safety principles for response. Do not remove the guard film to prevent soiling of the spring steel brush before the spring steel brush is installed.

  The above is about the introduction of spring steel brush to prevent hair loss and maintenance methods. I hope everyone can understand the maintenance method of spring steel brush and it will help everyone.

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