What are the common types of pipe seal pigs


      Pipeline sealed pigs are widely used in the cleaning and inspection of oil pipelines due to their efficient oil pipeline cleaning performance. So what are the common types of pipe-sealed pigs? Today, the editor will explain in detail the common types of pipe-sealed pigs, and I hope to help everyone. The details are as follows.

  Pipeline sealed pigs can be generally divided into pigs for cleaning and pipes for sealing pigs according to their use;

  Cleaning the pipe to seal the pig's sealing part, according to the material is divided into two major types of rubber and polyurethane:

  1. Spherical rubber pig: The spherical rubber pig is a frequently used equipment in pipeline cleaning because it can smoothly pass the special function of the elbow of 1 pipe diameter.

       pipe seal pigs

  2. Polyurethane-type pipe seal pigs can be divided into two categories: hard and soft: rigid polyurethane materials are mainly used for mechanical pig seals, and are widely used in pigs commonly used in the market; flexible polyurethane pipes Sealed pigs mainly refer to polyurethane foam soft pigs, which will become the main equipment for pipeline cleaning in the future due to their deformation and unblocking and excellent cleaning and wear resistance.

  Pipes for testing pigs are classified into pipe deformation detection, pipeline damage detection, and leak detection according to their functions; they are based on the selection of different pipeline operations.

  The wide application of pipe sealing pigs will also promote the rapid development of the pipe sealing pig industry.

  The above is a description of the types of common pipe-sealed pigs. I hope that after you understand the common type of pipe-sealed pigs, it is helpful for everyone to choose the type of pipe pigs.

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