PIG SIG installation requirements and maintenance items


    The PIG SIG indicator is a computerized electronic device used to non-destructively detect pigs equipped with a magnet or a magnetic transmitter. The PIG SIG indicator does this through a dedicated antenna located at the bottom or fixed to the pipe (near). If a pig passes, the antenna emits a signal to the computer on the panel. The following is a small series for everyone to talk about PIG SIG installation requirements and maintenance matters, I hope to help everyone.

  PIG SIG installation requirements

  1. It should be ensured that the performance and operation steps of the drilling machine are fully understood. If you do not fully understand the drilling machine and the precautions on the construction of the pressure pipe, you should not carry out the operation of pressure opening and installation and disassembly of the PIG SIG plug device.

  2. The pressure discharge of the drill should be kept away from the work area and personnel. When the exhaust valve is open, stand at a position away from the exhaust port.

  3. Wear protective clothing when working around the machine. Wearable: Rugged safety helmets, gloves, goggles, protective shoes, overalls that cover the skin, and use of breathing apparatus in environments where toxic or potentially toxic materials are present.


  Maintenance of PIG SIG

  1. Regular maintenance When the PIG SIG indicator is installed on a pipe, the maintenance required is relatively simple. Regular inspection of the PIG SIG through the indicator is important for the indicator to remain functional. If your PIG SIG unit is not working properly (indicating that the pig passes) or has worked, but it is not working now, check the installation procedure in the manual.

  2. Indicator flag operation. Make sure the indicator flag is reset accurately. When checking the TD indicator flag, the indicator flag should be the downward lock position. This is the normal position before the pig passes. When the pig passes, the indicator flag stands. The flag is reset again before the next pig passes.

  3. Product leakage. If there is a product leak around the indicator flag, it indicates that the pressure plug 0-ring has a leak. The PIG SIG pressure plug should be removed and the 0-ring replaced. If there is a potential for product contamination around the trigger (wax and sand, etc.), remove the pressure plug and wash the trigger groove with warm soapy water or a warm mixed solvent.

  The above is about PIG SIG installation requirements and maintenance items. I hope everyone can understand the PIG SIG installation requirements and maintenance items, and it will help everyone.

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